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February 27, 2011

MY Project 365....my life ever after....((day 13))

So....I did not get a chance to blog LAST evening...so i will do TWO posts today..this one for last night...and then my evening blog later on.
I will keep this short and sweet....
Today I am empowering MYSELF even more...and I realize i need to make this the focus of EVERYDAY!!! I need to be the change...and I will be MY change..and I will make my life one that I am proud of..(tho I already am)
I have an amazing life...one that I have worked for every bit of...and tho, sometimes things fall apart...I firmly believe it is to give you the opportunity to build something bigger and better...
to find new habits and break old ones....to learn who you are, and how far you have come.
My biggest pain in any of this is for my daughter...
An, innocent, 9 year old, that did not deserve half of what she has gone thru in her little life...However, I can say with pride, that she continues to excel. She has learned who she is too, and what she deserves. Taylor, already firmly stands on her two feet, takes responsibility for what is hers, and takes others into constant consideration. She will give anything she has to someone that doesnt...and offer a hug to anyone that is down...I know that I have done something right...even on my darkest days, I have been blessed with the most beautiful glimpse of sunlight, hope and happiness right in front of my eyes.
until TONIGHT...<3

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