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December 24, 2010

Don't Judge Me

I know that we are all guilty of judging someone, whether we talk about it or just think it. I know that this is a fact of life, and that it happens ALL OF THE time. It is human nature.
I just think, though, that everyone deserves a chance, I am careful to give that to people. Even if I am thinking that we will never be friends, I am always willing to try....people deserve that.
I recently was not given that chance, and it did offend me.
My friend "Jenny J" and I were meeting for coffee, and old friend of hers "Chello" was joining. We meet, order, sit. the table did not have enough chairs, so I got one from another for "Chello".
We had started a conversation and I included her friend in what I was saying, and then I received a call from my husband. Since he is always one the road, I needed to take it, so I briefly turned from the conversation.
When I had ended the phone call...."Chello" was gone.
Apparently she had somewhere to go, but I was like "who doesnt say goodbye,???"
Jenny J and I continued to sit and enjoy our coffee, chat and people watch. Soon though, Jenny J receievd a text from her friend "Chello", stating, "I don't fit in with YOUR friends".....What the hell does that mean?
I mean, one this girl knows me NOT AT ALL. She did not even formally meet me then before she was out the door, I was polite, I included her in all I was saying and I got her a chair.....SO now why am I being judged??? What did i do???
This is something that I just DO NOT understand.
Should it bother me? Probably not. Is it going to change my life? NO. I just feel like, I was well mannered, polite, and incusive only to be talked about ten minutes later, by someone that I do  not believe should be pointing fingers. And by someone that needs  A LOT of acceptance and understanding in HER life, so should be more cautious of how she approaches and speaks of others.
Like I said, I know that everyone makes judgments and forms opinions....its life and it happens....
But i also believe that everyone deserves a chance...and you have to have an open mind. Everyone is different and sometimes the things you least expect or the things that typically turn you off can become the things you love the most.
Just have caution with your words....
Your ideas and your opinions are YOURS....however, sharing them, makes them open for review and interpretation.
And when your fingers are not so clean, do not point fingers at others.