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October 20, 2010

The laws of attraction...or something like that....(really just the laws of MY MOUTH haha!)

So.....where do we start...
My last blog, I shared with you a letter that i had sent to MTV.....because of COURSE i had a MAJOR opinion on Amber...and the lack of intervention that MTV showed....i would first like to go back to that for a few minutes...as something on the Today show this morning, sparked another fire inside of me...(IMAGINE THAT)
** They mentioned this morning how teen pregnancy is being glorified and how Amber has become a star despite her actions and so on and how MTV should have put the cameras down and intervened...how now maybe this is her chance to get real help....
Okay...now Let me tell you WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE and WHAT NEEDS DONE NOW....pay attention, because i am SERIOUS and i promise I AM RIGHT!!!!:
One: I do not believe AT ALL that MTV is "glorifying" teen pregnancy, nor are the tabloids, or anyone else. Teen Pregnancy is a FACT, it HAPPENS, life happens. There are far worse things. I am by no means "condoning" it, nor do I want to have to go thru that with my daughter, however, I am open minded enough, to know, actually allow me to rephrase, I have enough COMMON SENSE to know, that it does happen!! Even to people that we would never imagine it happening to, Sarah Palin's daughter: PRIME EXAMPLE. It is REALITY!!!! We can teach our children, guide them, trust them, love them, offer them alternatives, but truth be told, our children, any child, is a person, a human, they have flaws, they have to learn, they have to grow. And not one is going to do that perfectly without ANY err. Accidents happen, forgetfulness happens, carelessness happens....THINGS HAPPEN. So i will not acknowledge that anyone is glorifying or promoting ANYTHING. It is just another fact of life. And truly, anyone that watches the show, watches the struggles, the turmoil, the drama, the things these children lose, how these teenagers are forced to grow up, lose education and so on....So, if someone finds that to be GLORIFYING, i find that person to be lacking COMMON SENSE. Anyone, after watching that, that would INTENTIONALLY put themselves in the shoes of these teens, is also lacking again, simple common sense. 
Now Two: Amber is NOT a star. And i cannot imagine one person watching that show that believes her to be., There have been many times as i have watched it that I know, I had to change the channel, or flip somewhere else, because she truly and completely disgusts me!!! In so many ways!!!
I do not take child abuse and neglect lightly. As someone who has been hit before, I do not take domestic violence lightly either!!!! 
So, what do I THINK should have happened??!!?
Well, I certainly DO NOT think that MTV should have put the cameras down, I am glad this is on film and I am glad that we saw it, because THIS IS REAL, this happens, and we need to learn how to handle ourselves better and there is no better way then seeing first hand just how ridiculous it  !
Now....Do i think that MTV should have intervened...YES. I think what they should have done was CALL THE POLICE, and FILM this ARREST!!!!! Not just post a website and hotline for domestic violence;  So that it would be perfectly clear what the consequences are when you decide to put your hands on another person in a malicious or harmful manner. That you cannot behave that way, especially in front of a toddler, and carry on as if nothing happened. THAT is what MTV should have done.
i do see that now there are criminal charges pressed and so forth, I did not get to see all of the follow up show last night, but will tonight, but i saw the clips of her alligator tears and how she was "blacked out". Do not be fooled for one uncertain minute that, this is just not exactly what her attorney told her to say, because as she has charges against her now....she surely has to walk on eggshells!!!! I am not convinced and neither should you be!!!! 

Okay....moving on:
Let's talk FACEBOOK!!!
where can i even begin with this. the source of never ending, life changing, DRAMA!!!!!
you want a reality show: START THERE!!!!!!
Now, let me make this very clear first, though i have done this before, i feel the need to once again CLARIFY myself and my page so that we are not confused:
I DO NOT talk about people on facebook. I do not make fun of people on facebook. I do not entertain others drama on Facebook!!!
And i DO NOT like being accused of it, nor do i like being subject to it!!!
Just because you think that you know what i am talking about, does not mean that you do. Just because you read something on my page, 99% chance, it has NOTHING to do with you. There are a lot of people in this world and on facebook and for ONE to believe that so much of my time is spent writing about them, well, seems as though, those would be the people full of guilt or something.
Obviously, somewhere on someones page you are going to see things that maybe hit a nerve or that you do not agree with.....
BUT....life is not about all of us feeling the same way about things, thinking the same things, etc. I myself, could not stand to have thousands of duplicates of myself running around, and I hope that each of you feel the same way.
Now, we all know me...If not, Hi, I am Jess, I have a head its on my shoulders and a MOUTH that i LOVE to use!!!! I am not quiet, or timid with my feelings. My husband will be the very first person to tell you that i am OVERLY opinionated....because you better believe that i have one, about EVERYTHING!!...however, I feel this to be one of my favorite traits....Why???? Well...because, i feel as though its important to ALWAYS be able to stand your ground, to know who you are and what you believe in, to not be afraid that someone may not like it, to not be scared to have YOUR own feelings...to be able to always be yourself, think for yourself and live outside of the box!!! And i can say, that I do that. And i am VERY proud of it!
When i have something to say to someone, I address it with them. I will not publicly humiliate or belittle anyone, as I find those things abusive and disgusting. I am not 12, or in HS and I do not tolerate the pettiness of that behavior, I am not out to impress or sway opinions of ANYONE!
However, I do not need to feel belittled or be cautious of stepping on toes on my own either.
I am a fair person and a good friend. I will always be honest with you....if i say something about you, i PROMISE that i have said it to you....perhaps not in the same words...but i have....and i know plenty that cannot say the same!!!!
Now, staying on subject; I post what I want on my wall, because its MINE, and because i can. you do not have to read it, like it, believe it, look at it...now, if you are going to stalk my comments, my page and my words, and then twist them into something that you have no clue what you are talking about, it is then that we are going to have a problem!!!!
Because one....if i was not talking to you, you have NO right to assume i was talking about you (as reasoned above) and also because, we know what happens to those that assume.
I will not acknowledge, cater to, or attend a pity party, for someone that constantly pulls the victim card and really has no basis to do so, but can be so manipulative with words that we surely all believe it from time to time!
This is the last that i am going to revisit this subject, as i feel as though, i am having to defend myself and my thoughts, yet for a reason that i do not know....
So lets end it like this:
1.) Its FACEBOOK; JUST facebook...its not anything more than status's, words on a computer screen.
2.) I am me....I like me, I am allowed to be me, I have worked hard to be me, and i will ALWAYS be ME!
3.) I do NOT do drama! Its petty. Its childish. Its unattractive. And i will personally excuse myself from it.
4.) Personal matters are handled personally. If i haven't mentioned it to you, it has NOTHING to do with you.
5.) People are RUDE, thats life. It happens. But, do not accuse when you assume!
6.) I am an ADULT. And i will continue to act like one! I have class, and self respect!
7.) I AM HONEST!!!!!!! Period end. HONEST!!!!!
8.) I would truly prefer to not re-discuss this, at least for awhile!!!
Now, you all know my thoughts on teen mom, on amber, on MTV. You know me, who I am, how i feel, what i think. You know where I am coming from. You know that personal matters will remain as that, and anything else, is just an opinion in passing and one which we are all entitled too. And i would certainly hope you all have your own as well!!! Differences make the world the beautiful place it is. 

Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.

Blessings, Love and Laughter:

That girl with the big mouth (i promise my heart matches it tho)