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October 24, 2010

Flying thru the parking lot; A lesson on manners and MORE!

Remember how I promised you all that I had an opinion on EVERYTHING??!??...Well...i was NOT lying....and here comes one with some lessons attached, so read up, learn, agree, pass it on (or disregard....either way....it must be said)

Today, during a quite superb day of roadtripping, girl talk, music, shopping, laughing, crafts, and just plain fun, first my grapevine wreath gets bent to you know where and back and BROKE and we almost get smooshed by this man who feels the need to drive nascar final stretch style thru a parking lot directly in front of where people cross for the businesses. Which in turn sparked my fire, and with that brings you all this blog:

Here we go....
Have we ever heard the elder generations, complaining about how our generation has no manners??? How we are rude, our music is rude, our styles are rude, our mouths are rude, that we are just plain rude??!?
Well, of course you have....its all of the time.
So...do you want to know the truth????
Sure you do....
Its most of these people, these older people, the ones pointing fingers and degrading us and our generation that are RUDE!
I was always raised to have manners.....you say please and thank-you, pardon me or excuse me. You always answer someone with a reply like you are welcome, or No, thank you! It is polite and proper and the right thing to do!!! Manners are learned behaviors, and if this is how they are acting, no wonder "we are rude":
So when i am slowly strolling down the aisle of my FAVORITE craft store in the world...taking my time, with my perfectly picked out wreaths and swags in tow in my cart...and Grandma comes stomping down the aisle, smashes herself into my cart, bends my wreath, breaks the grapevine, and goes UGHHHH, SORRY....WHAT???!!!???? And we are RUDE???
Then....you are coming out of browsing thru a little country store, smiling and giggling and enjoying the nice day....BAM...here comes speed racer, you know, that guy that thinks hes 20 and is really 60, pedal to the metal....blatantly sees you and keeps zooming, like daring you to cross that crosswalk....Yeah...RUDE!!!
Really people...lets grasp this:
If you want someone to be kind to you, YOU MUST BE KIND. If you want someone to say "you're welcome" YOU have to say "THANK YOU". We receive only what we give in life and nothing more....sometimes not even that.
You cannot complain about others, unless you have accounted for your own actions first!!!!
Now I know, that this is something, some people are incapable of, or its just that they DO NOT CARE, however, I am pretty sure the world would be a better place if we just followed these few short rules:
1.) Have RESPECT: and that starts with YOURSELF, and then with others, but do not expect it if you do NOT have it! You do not have to even like someone to respect them, its just a matter of personal choice to be the better person!
2.) SAY PLEASE, THANK YOU and YOU'RE WELCOME: These words go A LONG WAY! They can change your day or someone else's, so always take that into consideration when dealing with ANYONE.
3.) EXCUSE ME: you know, if you want thru, past, around, in front of, to interrupt, SAY EXCUSE ME. You would not believe the positive response or smiles that come from it!!!!
4.) DO to OTHERS and YOU WANT DONE TO YOU: Like i said; you get what you give, sometimes not even that, so GIVE. Freely, without tally and without expectations. You will truly feel good about you....and you have the opportunity to pass that on. When something good happens to us, and we share that with another, they are far more likely to keep it going!!!! Everything you dish out will come back!!! So think before you do, act or speak!!!!

You kill a lot more bees with honey....smile, breathe and be your best you!!!!!!