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March 13, 2011

MY Project 365....my life ever after....((day 24-26))

so i took most of the weekend off..i wanted to spend it pretty much uninterrupted with my angel and to focus on myself and some things that i needed to get straightened out..and that is what i did. quiet and peaceful..at least as much can be given the current situation...
I did want to get back to writing tonite and wanted to focus on self perspective and outlooks...but i am not sure I am even prepared to divulge into that this evening...
But...i am going to give it a try...
Its so hard to see people intentionally put and leave themselves in terrible, hurtful, situations...ones where the only place they are traveling is downward. we can do this in many aspects of life...work, friendships, relationships, whatever the case may be...but the end result for all is just simply self destruction over something that we should have changed long ago.
I have been guilty of this in the past and that is why i feel i have the grounds to write about it...to be able to look at the pictures as a whole and to decipher the differences...You, we all, should be able to look at our lives and be happy with them...and if we are not...we need to adjust them. We need to be self sufficient and use a little strength...even thru the pain, to come out somewhere better and somewhere healthier.
Everyday in life is not going to be a good one..and obviously there is a difference between that and what i am talking about....somedays, we are all going to despise a job. or, argue with our mate...or have something regarding a friend irritate us...but these are passable facts of life, and actually help to round it all out...because no where on this other does any sort of perfection exist.
What i am referring to are those who knowingly leave or continue to replace themselves in a harmful, hurtful, ugly situation and choose to remain there, out of fear...or lack of self confidence and perhaps, some sort of dependency. Its nice to be able to DEPEND on things and people in our lives, its different to be DEPENDENT on them.
Its not an excuse..
At what point in life do we become responsible for our actions?? And at what point do we open our own eyes, pull back the fingers of blame and stand up for something that we believe in?
We only get one chance at this lifetime...one go around of so many years that in the long run and with the speed of time...truly amount to not much at all.
Spend it, as much as you can of it, smiling. Even in times of heartache, you will feel a small twitch of the corners of your mouth turning upward, even in the midst of tears, if you know, you took those pretty little legs of yours and stood on them.
There are so many valuable lessons that this life has to offer, but when you are stuck in a place that you honestly do not belong, you are going to miss out on so many.
Everything happens for a reason, and in life we only get what we allow. We choose how we allow ourselves to be treated, talked to, cared for..etc
Make your lives worth it...share them with those who matter. Find something that you love to do and do it. We can all achieve our dreams in some form of them!
until tomorrow...