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November 3, 2010

How low can you go????

Its not limbo I am talking about here.......

You know, i love the fact that I make things. I love the fact that I have talented friends as well. Everyone has talent, actually, you just have to search to find what your's is.
Sometimes though, instead of self-discovery, we have people who choose to "steal", "cheat", and get by on the coattails of others!!!!!
Its like that football player in calculus, who is busy chatting up the cheerleaders, but then is the geeks best friend on Test Day.
Makes you wonder; how low can some people go???
When you have a self proclaimed gift or talent, that you choose to devote yourself to, one that you invest hour after hour and day after day. Giving your full attention, and often without much payoff, you still find such joy and excitement knowing you did it to begin with. Fulfillment.
How then, can someone feel "good" about taking that from you???
Of course in life, there will be people with similar talents...similar ideas, this happens. I am not naive to that!!! However, when you see a blatant duplicate, a copied unique style, a repeat of wording...you begin to wonder.

Someone orders the beautiful things you have hand crafted, put your heart into...of course you are full of pride, that someone wants to also enjoy your work....that is until you are slapped in the face with YOUR ideas, YOUR methods, YOUR unique style, ALL OVER THEIR WEBPAGE!!!!!
That my friends is a slap in the face!!!!!!!!!! A BIG ONE!!!!
Of course you are only a crafter, of course legally there is not a leg to stand on....
But, what about morals???
do they even exist anymore?????
how can this person believe they are actually becoming successful, when really they owe all the credit to another????
I support all that want to make things, that want to achieve things....but you have to do that with your own mind, your own hands and from your own heart.
Otherwise, you are staring at nothing more than a thief in the mirror, because when it boils down to it, that is all that these people are.