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March 29, 2011

MY Project 365....my life ever after....((day 35-37))

Good Evening Lovers...
So....its awful "early" in the night for one of my blogs...BUT....I am supposed to be "resting" ((i got hit with one hell of a cold this morning...and i am just about drained..with far too much to do))...so i did put down the scissors and thread, and clicked the light off on the machine...however, anyone that KNOWS me, knows that being still, laying around, resting...are far from relaxation for me..it truly makes me CRAZY....I have to be do something...and can never be doing nothing...so...I am compromising, by blogging, catching up on emails, some studying and maybe writing some patterns....
I spent some time today revamping the blog..making it even more "me" and adding some fabulous new links over to the Lounge..make sure to check them out!!! Its a FABULOUS place full of so much talent and there is absolutely something for everyone..and if not...dont be afraid to ask, we can do our best to create it! Valerie is absolutely FABULOUS to work with and has accomplished so very much!!
Now...enough small talk....
i am just gonna take tonite to catch everyone up over the past few days....and then I am going to go back to hitting on some topics in the next few days....
Lets see...everything i think, is starting to fall into place...I have been focusing hard on school...in the final stretch here and I just cannot believe how fast it went!!! I am not going to stop there though...and i had intentions of heading towards finishing the bachelors in nursing this fall...BUT....after careful conversation wtih the Dr. we are still debating that option...should that fail though, I have no intention to quit...I plan on just swinging into criminal justice and with my 2 years of prelaw, i am pretty sure I can make it work...either way, I have every intention to show myself and TAYLOR...just how much you can achieve, even by yourself, as long as you have motivation and you push yourself....and believe me...I make her do that now...education is important...and so is drive and determination...its important to have dreams and goals and to always want to do better than before...and ANYONE can do it!!!! Excuses are not valid reasons!!
Crafting is also keeping me more than occupied and i absolutely love to create...I even keep a pad by the bed now, as i have an extremely hard time falling asleep at night...but have found that ideas come to me and I am quick to write them down...craft show season is upon us, and I am absolutely having a blast working with all the ladies of Luthers Lounge!!!
I could not really tell you what step of the divorce we are on exactly right now...but..things are going smoothly still...we are able to communicate..and I have found complete peace in all that is happening...
Somedays are easier then others and lonliness rears its head occasionally...BUT...i get thru it...and I am stronger EVERYTIME!!!
Its been a fabulous time for me to reflect on life and relationships...and to learn that often people are not who we think...and one day at a time, I am determining, who belongs and who doesnt...and trust me its never anything personal...well its personal to ME!!!!
until tomorrow...<3

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